BankTechAsia 2016

06 Juli 2016 1 comment



BankTech Asia conference is now creating a presence in Indonesia with our signature banking technology and fintech conference with a specific focus on local issues within Indonesia.

In this 21st century, Indonesia’s banking sector in the fast track to enter new era of banking, Bank 3.0. The dynamics of the global banking industry may be changing rapidly, but one aspect of the business will remain constant. In this new era, banks are required elevate their standards to appeal to the modern day customers’ discerning standards and expectation by developing innovative products. Incorporating technology into retail banking is key to the bank’s survival.

The 8th Annual BankTech Asia: Jakarta Series will cover topics on booming of digital banking, improving service delivery by using innovative technologies, weighing on modern day customers trends, and also exploring opportunities in fast paced technology advancement. This exclusive conference is carefully designed to realise Indonesia banking demands in integrating technology in retail banking business.

Do not miss out on key experts from various layers of banking sector, this conference will equip you and your bank with the tools and know-how to incorporating technology at your bank. Join us as at 8th Annual BankTech Asia: Jakarta Series as we explore the latest trends and technology breakthroughs in retail banking.

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Aria 2016-09-07 05:38:57
bankTech ASIA. Are this event same as GIAS or any event in Jakarta?